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Colgate does Paintball Ad @ BZRK Paintball

Who would've thought there'd be a connection between "toothpaste & paintball".

Recently an advertising team won a pitch to do a paintball ad for Colgate – and they chose BZRK Paintball as their preferred venue for the production.

We happily supplied a pristine venue, and excellent staff assistance on the day. It was all fun & games to watch, but it was a loooong day with 43 takes & outtakes. Who knew that holding & shooting a gun for an ad could be such hard work!

CUT, ACTION, CUT ACTION again and again - with the intermittent firing of our BT Paintball guns was all we heard – all day at BZRK Paintball!

But eventually the Directors were happy. Let's keep our eyes open for the ad due to hit screens in 2016.

2014 Catchup Blog

Some of you may have noticed that we have been busy at BZRK Paintball during the 2nd half of 2014. All that "busy-ness" involved moving our paintball fields and main rental building just around the corner !

This allowed for some revamping of our fields as Bakaara boasts a great new tower, and a new battle tank. The movie Black Hawk Down was our inspiration for this field, so if you haven't yet tried it – come along, and make that booking.

Another field has been introduced to our existing world class paintball fields - "the Bank", and is work in progress.

Nothing changes for us! We're still the team that you have come to know, and we still provide the best party venue around town!

We have more specials on the go and more holiday fun for everyone (always keep checking on our website & JoziKids)

A picture says a thousand words, so review our pictures from our old fields and rental building , BUT make sure you get there to see the new fields for yourself!  Also check out the Eagle House School (Ruimsig) Fete we attended  on 18th October, hosting a great shooting range, enjoyed by all!

Thanks for all your support throughout 2014, we do this all for you, our customers!
Happy Paintballing, See you Soon @ BZRK .

May 2014


MayDay, MayDay!

While you were away we upgraded our fields!!!

What an awesome joint paintball party we hosted for 2 brothers, each with own friends, décor & party for the different age groups.

All the kids joining us this month loved our new #paintballtower & our new #paintball tank, and used them well. What an awesome hideout, giving you competitive leverage when you need it most. Still - don’t get caught inside or you will have no-where to hide.

#BZRKPaintball #party venue is becoming the most popular venue to have your paintball birthday party at. . . Don’t get caught NOT having yours there!

Booking Essential

April 2014

A very short month - filled with Holidays and Family time and of course #Paintball Parties.

All our little party visitors loved the over-grown grass and buff terrain which is perfect for hiding, crawling & providing camouflage to the winning paintball team. All of this is a result of all the rain we’ve been blessed with over the last few weeks which also made for spectacular muddy paintball sorties.

A bachelor's party was also hosted and we took pity on those with welts allowing them a reprieve from the insane, but forever entertaining chicken run.

Don’t forget to try out our cool new easy to use online form - and GET BOOKING,  especially for the #school holidays.

"*April * 2014 * Video Shoot"


Can you believe who hosted a gaming show at the premises? #BZRK Paintball
was proud to host a team of young & upcoming film directors,  producers and
camera-crew to the fields!

The young stars from #AFDA in Auckland Park were thrilled and played
paintball to their hearts content, filming, and doing countless re-takes of
all the action.

We cant wait to see the video, and will let you all see it soon, Will keep
you posted . . .

Happy Splatting