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Kids Parties

Paintball is an exciting way for your child to spend a birthday party. With the unique service that BZRK offers, we do everything from arranging party packs, to cake-baking, to setting up on the day. You come with your party – enjoy the day – and leave, with the kids having endless stories to talk about. Kids of all ages have such fun out on the field, and it is not a boys only sport, so bring the  girls  along too. They will be blown away – by our fields and themed games.

While the kids re-enact the Call of Duty parents can rest safe in the knowledge that the games are controlled and fully supervised by our experienced staff. Advances in equipment, safety standards and site facilities means players as young as 7 years old can enjoy paintball.

All we need are the children’s ages and attendance numbers and we will do the rest . Dog Tags, medals and upgrade guns are available for the birthday boy or girl will top off a day they are sure to love.

Request for Party Packages on booking.