Paintball101 001

Safety Rules

The following rules are for your safety. The rules are enforced at all times, and apply to everyone who enters our premises.


All players must wear a FULL FACE MASK, during the games, or when instructed by the marshal . If your view through goggles is severely restricted due to paint and/or fogged up lens, please signal the marshal for assistance but Never Remove Your Face Mask, wait for help.
If your mask should become fogged, do not remove it. Bend down and put your head between your legs, then you can yell “blind man”. A marshal will stop the game and come to help you.


Barrel Plugs

Barrel plugs must be in your marker, and the safety device must be ON at all times except when a game is in progress, or when instructed by the marshal. Never for any reason should you ever attempt to look down the barrel of your paintball gun.


Marshal's Law

While in our playing fields, the marshal’s word is final. You must respect  the marshal’s ruling regardless of your own opinion. The field manager will be happy to discuss any concern, suggestion, or an opinion that you may have regarding our safety rules. There will be no verbal abuse and /or physical threats by anyone at anytime. Violators may be ejected from the premises without a refund.



If your opponent is within close range of your  fire, you must first offer ‘surrender’. You may take a single body shot at your opponent only if he/she ignores your offer or takes aim at you. No headshots at this short range. You may be removed from the game if you violate this rule.



When you are eliminated from a game, put your gun over your head and yell out that you are out of the game while leaving the field. Only this way will others know that you are dead or have been hit, so you won’t get shot at.


Chrono Your Gun

In order to determine your marker’s firing speed, you must test your marker at the shooting gallery before entering the field.  All guns will chronograph at or below 270 feet  per second (f.p.s). Our rental guns are pre-chrono’d so you don’t need to worry about this. Always point guns down when you are not playing a game.



This is an outdoor sport, and you will be playing in various fields throughout the day. While we try to maintain our fields in the most desirable condition, due to the natural settings and the rugged terrain, we strongly advise that you always stay alert and remain with your group at all times.