Paintball101 001

Other Tips

The venue offers all the necessary equipment and supplies needed to play paintball, including guns, masks and high quality paintballs. It's advisable to wear loose-fitting, dark clothing (shorts and short sleeves are not recommended) and comfortable footwear with ankle support.

You will certainly get hit with paintballs during games. Don’t get too frustrated, get even, just paint your opponent. You will have more fun if you focus on the fact that paintball is a game. Like any other sport, you’ll do well when you have a strategy or a plan to play this game.

You must complete the indemnity form and register at the reception.
You must be at least seven (7) years of age to play.
If you are under eighteen years of age, a parent or a guardian must sign the indemnity form on your behalf.

Paintballs must be purchased at BZRK Paintball field!

Do not leave your paintball gear unattended. You are responsible and accountable for your gear whether you own or rent.
All rental gear must be returned to the rental counter when finished playing / before you leave the premises.
Unsafe play, unnecessary roughness, and profanity are grounds for ejection from the premises.
Never set a mask down with the lenses facing down on any surface. The best thing to do is to lay them on their side to avoid damage to the lenses. If you are given a damaged mask, you should return them for a replacement before the games begin so you won’t be charged for them.

To avoid losing your valuables, do not leave them in your pockets or lying on the tables during the games. Please leave your valuables in our lockers provided.

Thank you for your cooperation and have a great day of paintballing fun!